Descriptors and credits evaluation

Modeling and Simulation in Food and Bio Processes


Hours of frontal lectures: 13

Hours of workshops: 10

Hours of seminars: 2

Hours of required home-work: 100

Credits (ECTS): 5


Course description

Lectures: Introduction to the course. Prospective of modeling in food industry. Fundamentals of PDE numerical approximation. The porous media approach: a pathway to modeling in food engineering. Multi-scale modeling and modeling of material properties in food engineering. Structural mechanics modeling in food processing. Conjugate approach and multiphysics modeling: the case of microwave heating.

Workshops: Workshop on fundamentals of PDE numerical approximation. Workshop on the porous media approach. Workshop on multi-scale modeling and modeling of material properties in food engineering. Workshop on microwave heating modeling with conjugate approach.

Seminars: From experimental modeling and analysis to production quality simulations.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, the students will have a clear overview on the usefulness of modeling in the framework of food and bio industry and food and bio related research activities.

They will be able to identify and to mathematically describe the relevant transport phenomena and changes in quality/safety characteristics taking place during food and bio processing. They will understand modeling and simulation on multi-scale domains and predict material properties. They will be able to prepare models in a multi-physics context. They also will be able to simulate a process as a sum of sub-processes described as unit operations.

They will acquire competence on the use of COMSOL software platform. They will learn the importance of model validation and acquire the knowledge to assess the developed models. They will have the capability to analyze and discuss the results obtained by solving a mathematical model and be able to take subsequent decisions on next steps to improve their models.




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