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From the 6th to the 9th of June 2016, the International School on Modeling and Simulation in Food and Bio Processes MSFS2016 has been held in Anacapri, Capri Island, NA, Italy last June 2016, attended by 35 participants from all the 5 continents, chosen among a higer number of applicants.

The school has been opened by Dr Brigitte Watzke (Nestlè, Switzerland), who presented a prospective of modeling in food industry. Prof. Fabrizio Sarghini (University of Naples "Federico II", Italy) and Prof. Ferruh Erdogdu (Ankara University, Turkey) introduced the participants to the fundamentals of PDE numerical approximation and showed in a workshop how model solution is influenced by the numerical technique used. Prof. Ashim Datta (Cornell University, NY, USA) lectured on the porus media approach as pathway to modeling in food engineering and Prof. Stefano Curcio (University of Calabria, Italy) conducted a workshop on it. Dr Pieter Verboven (KU Leuven, Belgium) presented a lecture and a workshop on muktiscale modeling and modeling of material properties in food processing, while Prof. Francesco Marra (University of Salerno, Italy) discussed theoretical formulation of multiphysics modeling of electroassisted food processes and conducted a hands-on session on microwave heating. Special topics on multiphysics software as design tools in food engineering, predictive microbiology and modeling of digestion in the human GUT were presented respectively by the CEO of Comsol Inc., Svante LIttmark, by Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis (University of Malta, Malta) and by Prof. Serafim Bakalis (University of Birmingham, UK). Dr. Heribert Watzke (Watzke Consulting, Switzerland) and Prof. Sam Saguy (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) run the brainstorming/modeling game.

MSFS2016 has been definitely a success. At the end of the school, a survey among participants revealed great appreciation (more than 90% of them were fully satisfied with the school and would recommend the MSFS participation to their colleagues) and also could comment about MSFS2016.

Some of the participants' comments are reported below:

It was an extraordinary experience where all lecturers were acting as a team. Having such a group of lecturers brings confidence to the audiences. so please keep this structure.

I like how the discussions were openly done after each lecture. It gives me insight into their point of view and helps me to understand the current situation of each problem. I also like how the instructors were very passionate about their subjects and that we can sense it. I am also glad to meet many participants of similar background.

This school made me very enthusiastic to go modeling myself, and it was very good to see different approaches. This was one of the best courses I have attended so far!





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